Product Information

TB6733 Deodorant (Titanium-Oxide with Silver Type)

  • Titanium-Oxide (TiO2 with silver) photocatalyst system removes odour and Argentums formulated for anti-bacterial.
  • One-push propellant lever locking, total user-friendly.
  • Misty spray for evenly spread inside the whole car.
  • Long lasting effect decomposes the source of bad odour after sprayed.

¤ TiO2 performs photocatalytic activities semi-permanently, however, the transport of people and things in and out of the car will remove the active compound away which gradually weaken the effectiveness.

Application :

  • Shake the bottle well, open cap, press the spray lever until ”clutching” sound is heard, place the bottle on the placing location.
  • Lock the spray lever to start spraying, move away from the car immediately and close the car door.
  • The spraying time is about 3 minutes. The interior will be covered with fog. Leave for 5 minutes for the settling after sprayed.
  • Open all the car doors and ventilate the air in the car for about 3 minutes.
  • Continue the ventilating process if there is strong odour remaining inside the car.

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