Founding Principles of ThreeBond

Founding Principles of ThreeBond


The foundation of ThreeBond

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Operational Creed We resolve to promote the technical advancement of the industrial world through the full utilization of our company’s technology, products and organization. We further resolve to operate according to the following creed in order that we may contribute to the evolution of human culture to the very best of our ability.


The “operational creed”, “company spirit” and “founding principles” in ThreeBond’s management philosophy are the foundation of ThreeBond along with the founding objective of this company which was to prevent the leakage of precious energy. To this day, we take pride in our “management philosophy” and the unique idea that started this company, and we keep producing products that meet the needs of our clients by always working to the best of our ability with a strong unison with our staff .

Keywords: Understanding, Reliance, Comradeship


Creating a better society with good human relationship
Through many activities, ThreeBond is contributing to the society.

At ThreeBond, the trust relationship we have with our customers is our top priority. Our URC activity, which stands for “Understanding of our customers and building our Reliability, and nurturing Comradeship with them,” is our fundamental attitude in conducting customer-oriented business. We at ThreeBond are striving to contribute to the world through both our advanced technology that produces superior products and “comradeship” which is a universal element necessary in creating a better society.