Product Information


TB2083L Features

  • High Bonding strength in the air, on wet surfaces and in water
  • Excellent low-temperature curability
  • Putty resin excelling in workability on vertical surfaces

TB2083L Usage on the Catalog

  • Bonding, filing and repairing in water or for wet surface
  • Bonding and repairing for PVC pipe (polyvinyl chloride pipe)
  • Bonding and repairing for water leaking pipe
  • Repairing for clack and potting for CEMENT product
  • Bonding and repairing for ceramic tile
  • Bonding (connecting ) for HUME PIPE
  • Repairing for leaking from Pool
  • Repairing Enamelled materials (Sink, bath and so on)
  • Bonding and repairing for Hard materials (Metal, tile, glass, ceramic , stone, wood, plastics , FRP etc)

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