Ultra Tire Coating

Ultra Tire Coating

Restores the natural color of tires and retains for a long period of time.

ThreeBond Ultra Tire Coating is a high-performance coating agent that forms resin coating on the tire surface. The robust special resin coating protects the tire surface for a long period of time, providing a natural blackness like brand new tires.

Product Feature

Overview – TB6641B

  1. Protect tire
    TB6641B protects tire from various degrading factors, such as UV.

    from various degrading factors, such as UV.
  2. Keep good looking
    Special polymer component in the TB6641B provides long-lasting blackness to tire, just like brand-new

    Long-lasting blackness, just like brand-new.
    – Moist color. Natural gloss.
    – Keep brand-new appearance.
    – Bring back brand-new appearance on an aged tire.

  3. Water based system
    TB6641B water based system forms polymer layer on the tire, while existing tire wax doesn’t.

    Forms polymer layer on the tire.