Ultra Body Coating

Ultra Body Coating

“Ultra Glass Coating Classic” is the next-generation coating system for automobile body which delivery long-term protection of automobile paint surface by giving a glass-based hard coating. “Ultra Glass Coating Classic” is formulated with a new generation material called ‘Silane”, which reacts with moisture in the air and transforms to a glass-based coating. The glass-based hard coating that prevent deterioration of the paint surface and provide excellent weathering resistance thus protect the glossiness of the painted surface. “Ultra Glass Coating Classis resists deterioration caused by oxidation and reject the damaging effects of UV ravs, therebv protecting the paint color fading and uneven discoloration. With the smooth and slippery laver make the dirt will be washed off with rain and provides excellent antifouling effect. The hard and heat-resistant coating of the “Ultra Glass Coating Classic” effectively protects the body from high temperatures, dust, minor scratches, etc.

*With “Ultra Glass Coating Classic”, there is no need to use conventional waxes as the vehicle will stay beautiful with the superior and easy maintenance characteristics of the body coating system.

Product FeaturesTechnical Data

Annual car checkup and quality warranty coverage protection

* In order to continue the warranty, an annual inspection is required. For more information please contact our outlets.

Annual car check up procedure.

  • In advance of the due date for the annual checkup please contact the Service Center where you had your car coated and book a date and time to attend the annual checkup.
  • Please bring this owner’s book with you and contact the reception staff.
  • The staff will perform the checkup after washing the car.
  • The staff stamp the warranty page to confirm completion of the checkup.
Causes of quality warranty coverage termination.

  • Failure to attend the annual checkup.
  • Using a coarse washing cloth such as a towel, dust cloth, etc.
  • Using a car wash shampoo and conditioner other than those recommended.
  • Using wax containing an abrasive agent.
  • Scratches caused by external factors such as dust particles, ash, tree sap, pollen, acid rain, chemicals, bird droppings, stone chips, dead insects, acids, etc.
  • Car is painted after coating.
  • Spare accessories made from rubber, plastic, and aluminum.
  • If selling the car.
What is Smooth Surface? (Differences with water-repellent wax)

Smooth Surface

  • Lubricating roll down the water droplets.
  • Effectiveness Antifouling (Acid rain, water drops & dust.)
  • Easier Maintenance (Water Wash)

Effectiveness of antifouling with smooth surface

Sliding water test results with automotive painted plate

Plate A 2 sec 28 sec
Plate B 2 sec 26 sec
Plate C 2 sec 27 sec
Average 2 sec 27 sec
Test Method: Keep the painted board which applied classic 30 degrees. Drip of 0.05ml water at 150mm from the bottom of the plate. Measure the time reached the bottom of the plate.
As evidenced in the test results below, when it rains, a drop of water flows quickly to the body surface.
So, you can reduce dust and dirt away with a raindrop.

Effectiveness of antifouling with smooth surface

Test Method: Check the degree of adherence of dirt with use a piece of white bumper as a test piece, dip and raise repeatedly with the water containing the dirty substance.

Effective protection of iron dust with glass-based coating

Test results of iron dust adhesion
Test Method: Spray iron dust to test piece that painted with white paint. With use of “Iron Dust Remover”, the adhesion degree was observed with determining the coloring. Iron dust reacts with “iron Dust Remover”, and empurpled.

Durable Shining

Excellent durability with glass-based hard coating

Test results of “Measuring Glossiness”
ASTM 6154 Standard Practice for Operating Fluorescent Light
Apparatus for W Exposure of Nonmetallic Materials

Product Name The initial value Equivalent to a year (200hrs) Equivalent to 2 years (400hrs) Equivalent to 3 years (600hrs) Equivalent to 4 years (800hrs) Equivalent to 5 years (1000hrs)
ULTRA GLASS COATING CLASSIC 100 99 101 102 100 104
ASTM 6154
The Industry Standards produced by American Society for Testing and Materials.
Weather resistance with accelerate the deterioration
Weather resistance of coating measured by glossiness with every 200 hrs.
Repeat Irradiation W > sprinkle water > drying for accelerating the deterioration.
As evidenced in the above test results, ULTRA GLASS COATING CLASSIC maintaining the beautiful
appearance of a car’s paint surface as a new car for five years.

Excellent durability with glass-based hard coating

Test results of fading car’s paint surface

After 33 days 0.46 0.17
After 78 days 0.50 0.17
Test Method: Measure fading (light Source: 065, Field observation: 10 degree,
Total measured: 5mm) with painted test piece after 33 and 78 days left inside of ATLAS
Weather- 0 meter (Ci4000,6.5KW Xenon lamp TOY0 SEIKI)

Protection from UV rays with glass-based hard coating

Silane witch reacts with moisture in the air and transforms to a glass-based hard coating. This glass-based coating protects the painted surface from ultraviolet rays.
(Cutting rate W-k10-25% UV-B:25-75%)

This glass-based coating protects the painted surface from ultraviolet rays.

Types of UV Wavelength (nm) Characteristic
UV-A, Long wave 320~400 It reaches the surface of the earth
UV-B, Medium wave 280~320 Be absorbed by the ozone layer, some reaching Earth
UV-C, Short wave Below 280 Be absorbed by the ozone layer
Ultra Hard Coating
ULTRA GLASS COATING CLASSIC “Three Bond 6649S/ Three Bond 6649B”
Item Unit Property values Test method Notes
Pencil hardness 9H 3TS-215-05 Coat on SUS plate
Rectangular peel off test 100/100 3TS-270-01 Coat on SUS plate
Contact angle 101 3TS-225-02 On Si board