Ultra Wheel Coating

Ultra Wheel Coating

Protects aluminium wheels from high temperatures and dust.

ThreeBond Ultra Wheel Coating surface has excellent weatherability and high hardness. Therefore, it reliably protects alumimium wheels from high temperatures and dust. Brake dust generated by brake pads can be removed from the coating by simple washing, and the original cleanliness can be restored easily.

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Overview – TB6644G

Glass based hard coating for automobile wheel. Cutting-edge long term protect coating system.

Point 1
New Generation Polysilazane Coating
ThreeBond 6644G is based on the new generation polysilazane material. Polysilazane with moisture transforms to glass based coating.
Point 2
Long Term Durability from Glass Based Hard Coating
Polysilazane in the ThreeBond 6644G transforms to glass based coating that has excellent durability.
Point 3
Protect Wheels from Any Tough Environment
Hard and heat stable coating of the ThreeBond 6644G protects wheels from high temperature, dust, scratch, etc.
Point 4
Also for Brake Dust from High Friction Bad
ThreeBond 6644G for wheels protects from brake dust from high friction bad.
Q1. Any kind of aluminum wheel can be coated?
TB6644G coating may change mat finish appearance increasing surface gloss. Check before use.

Q2. Difference with other wheel coat products?
The glass based TB6644G has longer durability compare to other commercial silicone or silane based products.