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Instant Tyre Repair Kit Tyre Pando C

Car tyre puncture happens unexpectedly. It is certainly troublesome when puncture happened suddenly, especially during a rainly day, on an express way, during night time, in a suburban area, ets. Tyre Pando C is a user-friendly tyre repair kit which can easily tackle those incidents without tools.

  • Better result if the cause of puncture, i.e nail, etc. was removed.
  • After the sealant was injected, drive in a safe speed mode for a certain distance to balance up the tyre.
  • Be careful when driving if the puncture cannot be repaired due to larger hole, i.e 5 inches nail size, etc.
  • Do not drive if the tyre is not inflated after the sealant was injected.
  • Not applicable to puncture on side wall of the tyre, busted tyre, etc.
  • This product is used for emergency puncture solution.

Please arrange the tyre service as soon as possible.

Application :

  • Well shake the can up and down for about 15 seconds.
  • Tighten the can nozzle tip to the tyre air valve.
  • Remove the cap, keep the can straight up and press the spray button.
  • Keep injecting the sealant for about 60~75 seconds.
  • Stop the injection once the tyre is inflated and able to move when driven.
  • After the injection, move in a safe speed mode for about 3~5km.

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