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Dr. Three Bond Single-component, Moisture cure type Elastic Adhesive

Dr Three Bond is a single-component elastic adhesive, which cures in the presence of moisture. The polymer material contains silyl functional group, which will react with the small amount of moisture to cure. This product is different in that 7 minutes after applying (23°C, 50% relative humidity), a strong adhesion is formed, without the use of temporary fixation. As compared to present adhesive, strong adhesion strength can be achieved when the parts are bound together right after applying.

This can be used in similar applications as RTV silicone (sealant, potting agent). There will not be low molecular weight cyclosiloxane produced during cure. Hence, it will not affect the electronic contact points.


  • Does not contain any solvent, environmentally friendly.
  • Low odor.
  • Single component, rapid curing.
  • Does not require and light or heating equipment.
  • Good initial green strength, hence, does not require any temporary fixing.
  • Elastic material. Hence, good peel strength, together with good impact and vibration resistance. Good adhesion to different adherents.
  • Good adhesion with metal, plastic, rubber, wood and inorganic materials.
  • Color of the cured resin is clear, so it will not stand out even if overflowing.


Bonding to different materials possible (multi-purpose). For sealing, molding and potting


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