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TB1386D – Anaerobic Sealing & Fixing Agent for Welch-plug

TB1386D, an anaerobic sealant for Welch plugs, is characteristic in that it is designed to minimize the sag and flow into the lower part of engine block interior, over an elongated intermission of assembly work use to unexpected reason. Thus it assures uniformity in sealing effect.


  • No hardening while in the air, but this hardens without any thinning at normal temperature when air is shut out inside the gap (clearance) of metal and so on.
  • After hardened, excellent various properties are obtainable, namely thermal resistance, resistivity to chemicals, weatherability, anti-vibration nature.
  • Before hardened, this is liquid and has thixotropicity, so application is easy. After applied, this long remains at the place needing the seal without any running out.
  • This hardness without any hardener to such inactive matters as zinc-chromate plating, chrome plating, uni-chrome plating and some others.
  • This can afford to entirely fill any minute gap (clearance) at the contact surface, together with corrosion-proof function, anti-abrasion performance, and some others in addition to merely sealing at the contact portion.


Anaerobic sealant for cap sealing (Welch plug)

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