Product Information

TB1786 – Cyanoacrylate-Based Instantaneous Strong Adhesive for Wood Surfaces

TB1786 is a cyanoacrylate adhesive designed to overcome these shortcomings and bond most wood within a minute.


  • Instant bonding. Strong adhesion on wood within a minute.
  • Shows strong initial strength 5 minutes after application. An initial strength of over 50 kg/cm2 can be obtained.
  • Strong adhesion at room temperature.
  • Needs the simplest application. It is solventless and of one component type. Needs no hardener, pressing or heating. Just hold objects lightly in place.
  • Enables bonding process to be shortened and simplified.
  • Excellent for butt joints.
  • Opens a new area for applications. Paper, leather, fibre, china, rubber, plastics can be bonded.


  • Furniture, musical instruments, toys, household appliances, stationery, models etc.
  • See separate pages for material-wise bonding characteristics.

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