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Super Lock H-03, M-22, L-42 Anaerobic Adhesive and Sealant

Super Lock H-03, M-22, L-42 are one- liquid, non-solvent-type anaerobic heavy-duty sealing agents. Unlike ordinary sealants and adhesives, it works without hardening as long as it is sealed from air. When this product enters a gap between metals and is sealed from air, it hardens at room temperature and without loosening its wall thickness.

Properties of H-03 Properties of M-22 Properties of L-42
Color Green Red Blue
Return torque 250 – 350 kgf.cm2 100 – 200 kgf.cm2 50 – 100 kgf.cm2
Usable temperature -40 ~ 150°C -40 ~ 150°C -40 ~ 150°C
Setting time 1 ~ 2 hr. 1 ~ 2 hr. 1 ~ 2 hr.
Main usages Permanent fixing and sealing of stud bolts and screws Medium strength fixing and sealing of removable bolts & nuts Fixing and sealing of screws requiring frequent removal


  • For sealing and fixing screws which are rarely removed such as the planted stud bolts and for fitted plug.

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