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TB6615C Premium Electrode Cleaning&Coating Agent

Threebond 6615C is a lead battery plate cleaning agent. While a lead battery is discharged and charged repeatedly, inactive lead surface accumulates on the battery plate (sulfation), and  the electric capacity during discharging will significantly decrease. Adding Threebond 6615C can remove lead sulfate and restore the electric capacity and contributes to reduction of battery replacement cost.

Reference dose for each battery size

Electric capacity Number of cells Dose/cell Total dose
21~80Ah 6 5~10ml 30~60ml
100~150Ah 6 10~20ml 60~120ml
200~250Ah 6 20~30ml 120~150ml
300~400Ah 24 30~45ml 720~1080ml
450~500Ah 24 45~55ml 1080~1320ml
500Ah以上 Add the agent in quantity equal to “electric capacity ÷ 10”ml.


  • Remove sulfate:Removes lead sulfate accumulated by sulfation and restore       the electric capacity
  • Extend discharge time: Restoration of electric capacity extends the discharge time
  • Coating:Attaching special polymer to a lead battery plate and coating it, keeping the inside of the battery clean and make it possible to use for a long time

Applications ・ Target battery

  • Lead battery of forklift, electric car, AGV (automatic guided vehicle)
  • Lead battery for cars and motorcycles
  • Other lead battery (communication base station, heavy equipment etc.)

Mechanism of battery

    • Dirt (lead sulfate) sticks to the electrode plate and deteriorates the performance of the battery. ※ Fig. 1
    • The special polymer aligns (coats) around the electrode plate while decomposing dirt (lead sulfate) and prevents the recurrence of dirt. ※Figure 2
    • Promotion of charge and discharge increases the discharge time and battery performance. Because the performance is maintained by the coating effect, it is also recommended for a new battery.


    • Open all lid of battery cell with pliers etc.
    • Injects every scale marked on the label (= one cell).
    • Close the lid after injection.


Test method

    • Prepare a used battery. (Battery used for about 2 years)
    • Charge the battery. (Using Cellstar’s fully automatic charger)
    • Discharge the battery until a battery voltage of 11.0V is indicated, and measure the discharge time at this point of time (check the voltage every 15 min). (Discharge time before adding)
    • Open the battery cell top, and add one increment of Threebond 6615C to each cell.
    • After charging the battery, measure the specific gravity of each cell.
    • Measure the discharge time until a voltage of 11.0v is indicated. (Check every 15min.) (Discharge time after adding)

※The technical data given herein are an example of experimental values,and are not guaranteed values.

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