Product Information

TB6641B Ultra Tyre Coating

TB6641B is a protective coating agent for car tyres. It is a water-based coating agent. Unlike existing silicone type tire wax, the agent forms a film, which protects tires from deteriorating factors, such as UV light, and keeps the blackness of the tires for a long period.


  • Environmentally-friendly water-based type
  • The coating restores the original blackness of tyres and retains the blackness for a long period.
  • The formed dry film prevents browning of tires and has remarkably improved durability compared to existing tire wax.
  • The agent is packed in a box to reduce the volume of waste materials.
  • An application kit (subdividing container and handled sponge) is supplied with the agent.


Protection of car tyres, and retention of blackness

Package Size:
 TB6641B – Ultra Tyre Coating (5 ltr)

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