Product Information

TB6649R Ultra Glass Coating Classic

TB6649R is an antifouling coating system for car bodies. The set of Ultra Glass Coating Classic consists of degreaser, base liquid and top coat.

Features :

  • Ultra Glass Coating Classic components consist mainly of a silane compound reacts with moisture in the air and forms a glass-like hard coating composed principally of SiO2.
  • The glass hard film of Ultra Glass Coating Classic shows excellent weather ability and protects the painted surface of your car.
  • Since the coating layer has a water sliding function, the dirt on the body is washed away by rain and it hardly adheres to the body.
  • The water sliding coating film prevents sticking of dirt, and the dirt can be removed easily by simple water washing. It ensures easy maintenance.

Application :
Antifouling protective coating for car bodies

*Do not use it on unpainted surfaces (glasses, mirrors, etc.). It can form oil films on such surfaces.

Package size:
TB6649R (set)

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