Product Information

TB6646 Rain Spot Remover

To remove rain spots, compounds and polishers have been used. TB6646 is a rain spot remover with which rain spots can be easily removed by hand. It dissolves only rain spots without damaging the painted surfaces.

This agent can be used as a remover for TB6644 Series (Ultra GlassCoating).


  • It quickly removes rain spots (calcium carbonate, chlorine, etc.) on painted surfaces.
  • Since it is an aqueous agent, it does not affect painted surfaces.
  • It quickly removes Ultra Glass Coating layers.
  • After Ultra Glass Coating layer is removed, the surface can be recoated.


  • Removal of rain spots (calcium carbonate, chlorine, etc.) on painted surfaces
  • Removal of Ultra Glass Coating layers

Package Size:
TB6646 – Water Spot Remover (200ml)

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