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TB6555T is the Ultra product of water repellent coating for a user-friendly 2-components coating system for smooth surfaces such as a windshield. To improve visibility and protect that windshield where the wipers operated on the front windshield, the water-repellent coating might wear off due to the external factors, Wear due to dust or muddy water splashing up from the highway during rain and when leaves and twigs become stuck behind the windshield wipers.

Features :

  • Treatment of windshields:
  • Better visibility in the rain, particularly on throughway and rural roads.
  • In the winter: obviates time-consuming de-icing.
  • In the summer: insect splatter easier to remove.
  • Easy-to-clean glass component of shower stalls, sanitary ceramics:
  • Lime and soap residues easy to remove
  • Aggressive cleaning agents are not needed. A wet cloth is generally sufficient.
  • Easy-to-clean surfaces on other glass objects (e.g. greenhouses, canopies, skylights, etc.):
  • The cleaning cycle is extended.
  • Less cleaning agent is needed.
  • Dirt is easier to remove.

Package size:

TB6555T (set)

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